Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

FAES FARMA, whose details can be consulted in the LEGAL NOTICE (LINK), has profiles on the Social Networks In each and every one of the profiles on the different social networks we identify ourselves as the owners in the section provided for profile information. These regulations apply to each and every one of the profiles for which FAES FARMA is responsible or owner.

The USER can interact in these FAES FARMA networks, either as a follower, fan or through the different ways that each social network provides, so that he/she can publish text, photos, etc. on FAES FARMA networks. All the information that the USER posts on any of the FAES FARMA networks, including the USER’s profile, is data for which FAES FARMA is jointly responsible with the owner of the social network.

Given that this is personal data FAES FARMA informs the user that this data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of 27 April (GDPR), and Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December (LOPDGDD).

You are therefore provided with the following processing information:

What do we process your personal data for?

Purpose of processing: To maintain a relationship between the USER and FAES FARMA that may include the following operations:

  • To process requests and queries submitted to the data controller.
  • To inform about activities and events organised by the controller
  • To inform about products or services offered by the responsible party.
  • To inform about the awarding of prizes in competitions and draws promoted by Faes Farma.
  • To interact through official profiles

Why may we process your personal data?

Legal basis for processing: Article 6.1.a GDPR, the data subject has consented to the processing of his/her personal data for one or more specific purposes.

By agreeing to follow our official FAES FARMA profiles, the USER gives his/her consent to the processing of the personal data published in his/her profile. Depending on the network, the “like” button on the FAES FARMA profile on Facebook; the “follow” button on the FAES FARMA profile on Instagram; the “follow” button on Twitter; the “subscribe” button on YouTube; the “follow” button on Vimeo and the corresponding button on each social network that Faes Farma has and that the USER agrees to follow.

The USER may at any time access the privacy policies of the social network itself, as well as configure their profile to guarantee their privacy in accordance with the specifications of the network.

FAES FARMA, for its part, has access to and processes the USER’s public information, especially the USER’s contact name. This data is only used within the social network itself and we will not use it outside the social network (therefore, for example, we will not send you an SMS to your phone or call you if you have it in your profile) and it will only be incorporated into a FAES FARMA file when necessary for the purposes described in this privacy policy.

How long will we keep your personal data?

Data retention criteria: data will be retained as long as the USER does not revoke the consent given as indicated in this privacy policy.

Who do we provide your personal data to?

Communication of data: the information provided by the USER through FAES FARMA’s social networks, including their personal data, may be published, always depending on the services that the USER uses, and may therefore be publicly available to other third party users of the social networks. 

From the profile of each social network, the USER can configure what information he/she wants to make public in each case, see the permissions that have been granted, delete them or deactivate them, such as any third party application that he/she no longer wishes to use. FAES FARMA cannot modify your preferences.

FAES FARMA does not plan any communication of your personal data to third parties outside the social network except, if it is essential for the development and execution of the purposes of processing, to our service providers related to communications, with which the RESPONSIBLE party has signed the confidentiality and processing manager contracts required by current privacy regulations.

What are your rights?

Rights of the USER: can only be exercised in relation to information that is under the control of the RESPONSIBLE.

  • Right to withdraw consent at any time.
  • Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data, and to limit or oppose its processing.
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency: if you consider that the processing does not comply with the regulations in force.

Contact details to exercise your rights:

Faes Farma, S.A. (A-48/ 004 360)(in the rest of the document  “FAES FARMA”)

Av. Autonomía, 10

48940 Leioa (Bizkaia), Spain

Contact e-mail:


The RESPONSIBLE PERSON will carry out the following actions:

  • Access to the public information of the profile
  • Publication on the USER’s profile of all information already published on the RESPONSIBLE PARTY’s social network
  • Sending personal and individual messages through the social network channels.
  • Updates on the status of the page to be published on the USER’s profile.

The USER can always control their connections, delete content that is no longer of interest to them and restrict who they share their connections with by accessing their privacy settings.



The USER, once he/she is a follower or has joined the RESPONSIBILITY’s social network as a fan or equivalent, may publish comments, links, images, photographs or any other type of multimedia content supported by the same. The USER, in all cases, must be the owner of the content published, hold the copyright and intellectual property rights or have the consent of the third parties concerned.

The USER is expressly forbidden to publish on the FAES FARMA social network/profile, whether texts, graphics, photographs, videos, etc. that violate or are likely to violate morals, ethics, good taste or decorum, and/or that infringe, violate or infringe intellectual or industrial property rights, the right to image or the Law.

It is especially forbidden for the USER to publish photographs, videos or comments on FAES FARMA products that are considered illegal or false, such as the use of products for purposes not established by FAES FARMA, the modification/reconditioning of FAES FARMA products for purposes not established in the product data sheet or the use of products together with those of other brands that are not owned by FAES FARMA. The current legislation affecting FAES FARMA products must be respected at all times.

In these cases, FAES FARMA reserves the right to immediately remove the content, without prior notice, and may request the permanent blocking of the USER.

FAES FARMA may expressly withdraw the content, without the USER’s authorisation, when: It incorporates data of third parties without their authorisation, criticises or disqualifies other users or the RESPONSIBLE party; or when it seeks to advertise the user or do private business; when it is unrelated to the subject matter dealt with in FAES FARMA’s profile or its products; when it breaches current legislation; or even when the comments may encourage undesirable eating behaviour or contrary to that established by health organisations on eating and health habits; as well as when it incurs in any of the prohibitions set out in this privacy policy on FAES FARMA social networks.

FAES FARMA is not responsible for the contents freely published by a USER, who is solely responsible for the legal consequences, both civil and criminal, that may arise from them.

Therefore, the USER must bear in mind that their publications will be known by other users, and they themselves are primarily responsible for their privacy and the content of what they publish, so that FAES FARMA will not be responsible for any publication by the USER that may contravene current regulations, even if reference is made to FAES FARMA products. In these cases FAES FARMA reserves the right to take any legal action it considers necessary against THE USER in order to defend the interests of both the company and the brand.

The images that may be published on the social network will not be stored in any file by FAES FARMA, but they will remain on the social network and may be used by FAES FARMA by requesting authorisation from the USER. The comments, for their part, may be used by FAES FARMA in the development of its daily work in an anonymised form.



All content published by FAES FARMA on its social networks respects the industrial and intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, copyright of FAES FARMA or third party owners of the same.

Access to said contents or elements through the services of FAES FARMA’s social networks or other third parties authorised to publish our company’s materials does not grant the user in any case the right to alter, modify, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate or any other right that corresponds to the holder of the right affected.

Therefore, it is expressly forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in FAES FARMA’s profiles on social networks for public or commercial purposes without the prior, express written authorisation of FAES FARMA. This prohibition does not include reposts mentioning FAES FARMA or linking to the RESPONSIBLE person’s profile on the network. In these cases FAES FARMA will not be responsible for the comments linked to the USER’s post, and the USER assumes full responsibility, with FAES FARMA reserving the right to take appropriate legal action in defence of its name, brands or interests and rights.

The contents of the Blog of our networks and that we link or post on our social networks are also subject to the copyright policy expressed.

The use in any medium of the texts and photographs or videos of FAES FARMA in our networks is also subject to copyright and prior authorisation from FAES FARMA under the terms set out above.



THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY may agree with collaborators or influencers to provide content, products or services, in which case, in the case of sponsorship, this will be stated using the hashtag #advertising. In these cases, the rights to the photos or materials used will belong to FAES FARMA without prejudice to the contract that exists between the parties. Therefore, the third party must request permission from FAES FARMA for their use.

When no reference is made to the material being sponsored, it will be considered that FAES FARMA has no rights over it and, therefore, is not responsible, and may, if it deems appropriate, take any action it deems necessary to assert its image and commercial name.

In any case, the applicable ethical codes existing at the time of publication will be complied with.



Photographs may be taken at events sponsored by FAES and subsequently uploaded to its social network profiles.

In this case, these images are published solely and exclusively for the purpose of informing of the activity carried out by FAES FARMA. If any person considers themselves affected by the publication of their image and does not want it to be disseminated, simply send an email to the contact address:  and it will be immediately removed.

The publication, dissemination, propagation or transmission of these images is strictly prohibited without the express authorisation of FAES FARMA, which reserves the right to take any legal action it deems appropriate to defend its name, brands or interests and rights.



Access and registration through the RESPONSIBLE’s social networks is forbidden to minors under 18 years of age. On the other hand, if the USER has special abilities, the intervention of the holder of their parental authority or guardianship, or of their legal representative by means of a valid document accrediting representation, will be necessary.

The RESPONSIBLE is expressly exonerated from any liability that may arise from the use of social networks by minors or people with special abilities.

The RESPONSIBLE party’s social networks do not knowingly collect any personal information from minors, so if the USER is a minor, he/she should not register, use the RESPONSIBLE party’s social networks or provide any personal information.



FAES FARMA may contact the fan or follower on the social networks through the private channel of the network. For these purposes, the user should bear in mind that FAES FARMA has different brands of its own and may receive information from and from any of them, and may exercise their right to data protection as specified in this document.